Mark began practicing Bikram Yoga nine years ago in hopes of balancing out the stress, over-stimulation and isolation of life in the big, bad, beautiful City. Also, after several years of desk jobs, his hips were frozen to the point that he couldn’t even go for a run. So: Bikram Yoga. He loved it immediately, because the physically and mentally rigorous practice gave him permission to engage in meaningful work, on all levels. One of the hot room’s gifts was the calmness he needed to listen for his inner voice. In those 90-minutes, Mark’s surface personality, with its concerns about appearance and worries about daily problems and challenges, moved aside and his core-self emerged, whispering “I can, I can, I can, I can, I must. I have no choice. I can.” Also, after nine years of serious practice, all of his joints are supple and fluid, and his hips work like butter. When not in the hot room, Mark is a writer of horror stories.

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