Maja moved to NYC from Detroit to be an actress. “The healing power of art has always inspired me.  When not acting it is important to me to do something that matters to people. On day 15 of my first 30-day challenge as I walked to the subway I felt my feet float above the ground. Within the week I applied to the Spring 2008 Training. Yoga keeps me connected to the beauty of the human condition. In the Bikram practice we do not learn by copying the instructor but through listening and doing moment to moment. My goal is to pass on the tools, taught to me, that empower us to become our own best teachers. Thank you Georgia Balligian.”  Maja performs on Broadway, Off-Broadway, her work has been seen at The Cannes & New York Film Festivals and on TV.

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  • Loving
  • Challenging
  • Mindful
  • Positive discipline
  • In the moment
  • With splashes of silliness
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