Awkward Pose


Awkward Pose will tone and shape your legs. The definition and strength you gain here are among yoga’s fastest results. It opens the pelvis and makes the hip joints more flexible and also firms the upper arms. This posture will increases blood circulation in the knees and ankle joints and will help to relieve rheumatism, arthritis, and gout in the legs, and helps to cure slipped disc and lumbago in the lower spine.  Awkward Pose also promotes laser-beam concentration.

3 Tips for the 3 parts of Awkward

Part 1
Most beginners don’t sit down low enough because they feel funny sticking their buttocks out behind them. It will feel very strange the first time you sit down all the way but it will help to increase flexibility in your hips.

Part 2
It is difficult to balance when you are standing on the balls of your feet. Think about locking your ankles in place as if you had ski boots to help you not wiggle your ankles in or out and then just concentrate on bending your knees. Nothing else moves. Engaging your core muscles will help as well.

Part 3
If you are having trouble sitting all the way down because of stuff knees you may help yourself down Bikram Yoga putting your hands on the floor to lower yourself down. Once you are all the way down, then lean back to get your spine straight and use your core strength to sit up a little off your heels.

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