Announcing BB: Virtual Assistant Chatbot!

Announcing BB: Virtual Assistant Chatbot!

We’ve been quietly working behind the scenes for nearly a year to develop the worlds very first Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant for businesses like ours, and a few weeks ago, we set it live on our website. Meet our smart bot – BB – in the bottom right corner of this screen. Beep, Boop. 😃

You might have heard the terms Article Intelligence, Machine Learning or Virtual Reality – fancy words to describe human/computer interactions – driven by the idea that, in the near future, intelligent machines will decipher keywords you’re using and provide appropriate responses.

Over time, AI will become smarter, and more stable – but currently, it’s all pretty new! Please be patient with us.

With that in mind, let’s dig into BB and what it can do for you. We’ve built her around the following 8 tasks:

  • See schedules
  • Book a class
  • See class descriptions
  • See schedule by class type
  • Purchase a package
  • Register an account
  • Book by teacher
  • Chat with staff

Some of these options are given as buttons to press, while others are deciphered by using natural language processing – or the ability for the bot to understand sentences like “tomorrows schedule at flatiron” – or – “3pm class this Sunday.

Getting Started

The example below shows what a existing clients first interaction with the assistant might look like. We need to know who you are in order to look up your account.


Returning Visitors

When using a desktop or laptop computer at home, and often times using a mobile phone, the bot will remember who you are, making booking a class even easier.


Book By Teacher

Would you like to know your favorite teachers availability for the week? Type in ‘book by teacher’ to see a full list of our instructors and their schedule


Class Descriptions

Wondering what Yin Nidra is? Curious about Hot HIIT or Bikram classes? Ask the bot about ‘class descriptions’ and it’ll tell you about them, and show a scheudule for only those classes

Bikram Yoga NYC
Bikram Yoga NYC
Bikram Yoga NYC was the first official Bikram Yoga studio in New York City, established in 1999. Four convenient locations now offer almost 300 classes a week. The studio is independently owned and operated by Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo Plamondon.
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